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Here’s what people are saying about the Do Anything Better Workshop:

“As a mom and a hair stylist, my body gets beat up pretty badly. At Linsey’s workshop I learned how to take care of my aching muscles, stretch, and strengthen - all using proper body positioning. I want to chase my kids around and do hair for years to come, and now I feel more confident I can.” -Samantha of Salon Paisley

“They should teach this in barbering school.” -Jason “Skills” Dunn of Midtown Barbershop, @skillsthebarber

“I have been training and into fitness for a long time and I got a lot out of this workshop. My shoulder feels so good, I can move it all the way around without pain.” -Christian, Personal Trainer, @nonsenseninja

Think of this workshop as a way to fill up your self-care toolbox so you know how to correct the things that are causing you problems, and how to troubleshoot tightness and pain as it arises. If you have a body, you need this workshop!

What to expect: Come prepared to move (nothing strenuous) and learn what is causing discomfort from your job, hobby, life, or all of the above. We will work through self-release techniques using balls and a foam roller (provided for you.) You will discover how to correct movement patterns that are aggravating parts of your body so you can prevent further issues. My goal is for you to learn to rely on yourself for relief rather than outside sources. Sure, massages are great, but with the one-time cost of this workshop, you can save money by going less frequently. I hope you'll leave feeling empowered to take care of yourself!

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